Our youthful looks hide interesting paths through the design field as well as solid experience in Strategy + Branding + Space Design + Business Development.

We love bouncing ideas off each other to find solutions that truly work and designs that talk to everybody, regardless of their beliefs, strengths, and cultural backgrounds. We encourage ideas, debates, and flourish through a diversity of opinions. We believe that this helps us to innovate and push boundaries.



Founder-Creative director | Passionate & creative since birth | 97% of the time smiling → A strong believer in the power of a smile

I am a go-getter and strategic thinker with a blended background and 10 years experience in business, engineering and design. Working in a variety of fields, I have developed skills that allow me to thrive in different disciplines and come up with creative, and sustainable ways to grow business and their revenue while focusing on delivering great experiences to their audience.

I know how important it is for a brand to connect with people and foster long-term relationships. I believe that by using sensory and sustainable designs, we can create meaningful BRANDS, which transcend limits through their values and reputation.

I take my responsibility to our planet seriously, so at RodLem, we are always looking for new sustainable materials and design ideas that create a dynamic balance between economy, ecology and society. I enjoy the challenge of innovating by reusing and optimising resources.


Live for what you love and love what you do | Take a few seconds and smile. Do you feel that?


Planning strategist | There’s never just one solution to a problem → Attitude is everything

Under my belt: 10 years marketing and business consulting experience for big corporates, including marketing strategy; comms and execution; partnership marketing; product/services localisation around EMEA & NA; digital marketing growth; go-to-market strategies; cross country project management.

I love solving business problems and finding solutions that deliver growth. With my marketing strategy hat on, I focus on creating viable propositions and position products and services in a way that meets the audience’s needs and leads to conversions. Every enterprise needs a coach to question and support their strengths, competitive advantage and execution of their strategy. I am there to do just that. With a personal touch, I will help you decide what's best for your company.

Be the best you can be. Aim for the stars, you might end up on the moon!


Architect | 3D Visualiser | Creative∞ → witty & bold

I’m a visual arts lover with a particular penchant for photography and painting. I also love architecture, which I consider as a right that we should all have the privilege of enjoying - the comfort a well-designed space can offer is priceless.

I am passionate about creating spaces with a purpose. I believe that everything should have a function that aligns with the design as well as the lifestyle of the inhabitants. I see interior design as an artistic expression that transports emotions into spaces, allowing me to create paths with purpose, from bestowing a commercial space with character to transmitting warmth to a home.

Life is about learning to accept ourselves and be happy with what we´ve got by making the best of it


Content creator | I’m Em CEO → aka chief eating officer

I am a photographer with a background in finance. After studying business, I worked in the corporate world before eventually quitting my job to travel, which was when I discovered photography.

My love for photography grew from my passion for food and curiosity for life, and I enjoyed it so much that I turned it into my career. I now help businesses, including international brands, to tell their story visually in an authentic and creative way.

Collect moments, not things


Social Media | Persistent - it wins most battles

I am a true people person, skilled in market research, social media and communication. I can act as the face and voice of a brand and manage its community across their social networks so that it builds brand awareness and loyalty.

I have devised and implemented social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies and monitored and reported their evolution. I also have extensive experience in creating content and managing social media accounts.

I am fascinated by how fast society and social media evolves and always keep abreast with the latest trends to best engage with customers and boost brand awareness.

The power of social media is not only in the vast size of the audience but also in the quality of the social ties and interactions that occur within the network.

Give your best in everything you do – you’ll never regret it


The spirit of the team → Reuse, repurpose and upcycle

My name is Creative Reuse, but people call me Giraffe. I am an upcycled sculpture from Africa, made out scrap metal and old car parts. I believe in promoting positive changes by bringing sustainable practices into everyday life. We live in a finite world, threatened by overpopulation and overconsumption. Resource scarcity is a global issue we can’t ignore.

I stand for being creative and doing more with less by optimising processes, reusing materials and exploring new ways of doing things.

At RodLem, we provide our clients with sustainable solutions that respond to their needs, shift behaviour and only impact the environment minimally. This creates a dynamic balance between economy, ecology and society, generating long-term relationships between user and object or service. We are always mindful of the environmental and of social differences.

Do more with less. As human beings, we have a responsibility for our planet → pick sustainably